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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 6, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good friday morning. at 5:01. i am kristen sze with leyla gulen and meteorologist mike nicco monitoring the storm. the flood watch will show you what exactly this is going to rain. until 6:00 tomorrow morning all of the north bay is under the flash flood warnings and under wind advisory so expect the wind and rain to pick up in the morning and afternoon with southern winds at 20 to 35 miles per hour so the bridges are going to be bumpy. scattered light showers north of san jose and you can see san rafael is dry on 101. the day planner the next 12 hours, full of rain and wind and temperatures in the upper 50's to low 60's during the evening. right now, leyla gulen has commute problems.
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>> c.h.p. issued a high wind advisory which is what we are look at with a few big rigs. keep both hands on the wheel. it is light and dry. the richmond-san rafael toll plaza is not showing water off the roads yet. dry conditions so for. if you think you felt an earthquake this morning, you are probably right. >> on the peninsula. a 3.1 earthquake in redwood city at 3:44 this morning centered along farm hill boulevard. that is right off 280. so far, no reports of damage or enjoy but people would felt it say it felt like a huge jolt rather than a rolling quake and a friend said it felt like a huge van hit the house. i got a tweet from brendon,
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patio furniture knocked over and it was a pretty big jolt. the furniture and watering can is knock over in redwood city. if you felt the earthquake perhaps, you want to send us pictures you can do that with e-mail votes to and we are getting reports this has been felt all the way east to fremont and south to sunnyville. >> our storm watch coverage continues in the north by. the rain is hit-and-miss rain but we will all see it. amy hollyfield is in healdsburg. it started coming down in healdsburg. you can see this intersection where we are getting heavy rain drops just coming down in healdsburg. here is the beginning of it because we do know the north bay will be hit the heaviest. if healdsburg, starting to get
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wet. most people seek cover during the rain we know of a group of people would will sit outside, beer fanatics camped out in santa rosa hoping to get the beer that is released at 11 o'clock at the russian river brewing company. the pale ale is sold in limited amounts for only two weeks at the pub and people are waiting in line overnight in the rain and people at the head of the lane are here all the way from los angeles. >> in matter what the storm brings i want the beer so bad it doesn't matter. >> that is great news for santa rosa because it is estimated people coming in for the beer bring in millions of dollars for the wine country city. in healdsburg we will monitor the rain. it is starting to come down.
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it is now time to grab the rain gather. put the hood up. put the bats on. grab the umbrella. it is not soaking us but it is heavy rain not sprinkles. the storm is expected to cause a headache for drivers in marin county who cannot use a popular park and ride lot during the storm. our reporter is on highway 101 in mill valley. >> we expect water to come from the sky and we expect the water to come from the bay and when that happens there will be flooding. we are at the park-'n-ride lot and the sign is saying be careful, observe no parking signs because novembers -- vehicles will be cited. another high tide warning with the lower half closing today and will not open until monday. we have previous video on shoreline highway in mill valley. the water comes up it is a mess.
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it happens when we have high tide, the king tides made it a less last month and the storm can flood the park-'n-ride and they ticket the parked cars. one car is parked here and was parked overnight or someone came here early this morning in the lower lot is when it floods, there is the possibility the car will be cited with the signs saying "subject to flooding," with the other barricades set up and they are ready to put those out later today as the wart comes up -- water comes up from the bay and down from the skies. pg&e is trying to avoid a repeat of december when fallen trees and branches knocked out power to tens of thousands of customers. crews have been trimming trees. in orinda, pg&e contracted workers to chop down three 70' tall pines that wrapped branches
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around high voltage distribution lines. pg&e is urging people to report trees that are too chose to power lines. you can track the storm where you live with live doppler hd on the weather app that is free and you will find it on apple's app store or google san jose firefighters scrambled to put out a fire that displaced four people early this morning breaking out in the garage of a home after 2:00 a.m. it video and the house and crews put it out quickly but not before the flames get to the at tick in a bedroom. no one was hurt. >> palo alto police are releasing a short documentary on a cold case to solve a 14-year-old murder investigation. 21-year-old college student was shot and killed outside a palo alto cafe back in june of 2001. police hoped the documentary will renew public interest in
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the case and possibly jog someone's memory generating new tips. there is $100,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction in her murder. students at san francisco state university are told not to walk alone at might after a sexual atalk on campus. a man groped a woman at 12:45 yesterday morning walking to the student health center. the school sent out an alert to students. >> scary. the mail was descriptive of what happened and it will be intimidating. >> victim saw her attacker sitting at the tables at the student center before the attack and police only have a vague description of him and they do not know if he is a student. >> san francisco's archbishop hold as news conference today to discuss the controversial proposal regarding the personal lives of catholic schoolteachers. the archbishop will containing faculty hand books at four high schools in the diocese asking
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teachers to committee to list their public and personal lives according to church teaching on sexuality and birth control. man say the moral clauses are discrimination and go too far. >> governor brown will meet with the united states secretary of the interior today to talk about california's ongoing drought. the governor and sally jewel will hold a news conference. during a visit to california jaw well promised the full support of the obama administration in dealing with a widespread impact of the drought. today they are expected to announce new actions to boost the federal response. >> hopefully you got your rain perhapses done because it is coming. >> it is here in healdsburg guerneville, windsor, possibly even into northern santa rosa right now. we will go down to the street level and show you healdsburg,
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north street sunnyvale drive north finch mountain road, and not to be left out south fitch mountain road. here is that is coming to marin county point reyes to muir beach a little yellow headed to point reyes and novato and san rafael and sausalito and all wears up and down 101 should be getting wet the next half hour or so. this is how it looks from the exploritorium where we are seeing clouds over most of our neighborhoods and a few sprinkles right now. through the morning into the afternoon, the heavy rain will be moving from north to south and the winds will pick up. upper 50's to low 60's at the coast and the rest of us are in the low-to-mid 60. from the east bay hills camera you can see no rain showing up but as we head to tomorrow, lighter showers and rain is a better chance of thunder and breezy on sunday and showers will taper on monday.
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i will have an hour-by-hour look at the rain coming in and how much to expect in your neighborhood. >> we are starting off ins checking out 101 away from 880 at san jose international airport and traffic is moving along fine. we are not seeing any problems in many places across the bay area and we do have one issue though, in the east bay traveling along eastbound side of 80, unfortunately, a car hit a deer and it is blocking a lane. in the westbound direction you are moving along fine and the trip across the san rafael bridge, no delays. drive time traffic over the altamont pass is quiet and we will see if it is friday light. it would be a good friday to make it friday light with tracy to dublin, 28 minutes highway 4 westbound antioch to concord is 14 minutes and 101 southbound from san rafael to san francisco is 18 minutes. >> radio shack cut as deal to keep some stores open. >> mixing worthless fun and
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thousands of jobs up for grabs at a bay area amusement park. stay tuned. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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sleep train's presidents' day sale is on now! ...guaranteed! ♪ sleep train ♪ ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> covering fremont, palo alto north bay, and all the bay area this is abc7 news. good morning at 5:14 on in friday a look at the golden gate bridge where the deck is still fairly dry for now but the rain will be hitting the span pretty soon and moving south so meteorologist mike nicco has the timeline and leyla will have the commute. it is difficult in the day ahead. >> as the rain moves south we want to see your weather photos and video at
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you can also post them on our facebook page or share them with us on twitter at twitter@abc7newsbayarea. >> in southern china there was a deadly fire at a whole sail market. more than 17 people were killed after flames broke out on the 4th floor of the building and pipe people have been rescued. officials have not said how many are possibly missing or what caused the fire. >> there may not be many democrats on hand when israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu speaks to a joint session of congress. house minority leader pelosi of san francisco said that democrats may be too busy to attend. a is the reaction from across the aisle after republican house speaker invited netanyahu to speak without asking the president first which is a breach of protocol. pelosi did not say there would be a boycott. >> investors are watching the release of a key indication of the strength of the economy.
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>> here is america's money report. >> good morning, everyone topping america's money january jobs. >> before the morning release the jobs report investors were anxious. they are concerns that the weakening economy make united states companies cautious on hiring. >> radio shack fired for bankruptcy and will close more than half of the 4,000 stores. >> the rest will be sold with a hedge fund that struck a deal with sprint to take over the locations. >> sponge bob will wear the pants at the box office. >> sponge bob will make a big splash hitting the theaters full of silliness which could actually take out "american sniper," which has had the top spot for three weeks. sponge bob to take out..."american sniper." >> that is america's money. by the way, sponge bob is
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featured character at great america. california's great america amusement park is holding a job fair for the 40th season looking to hire up to 2,500 employees for positions including marketing, ride operations and food and beverage sales from noon to 8:00 p.m. at the great america pavilion and tomorrow from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. great america opens on march 28. perhaps this is a job for someone wearing a sponge bob costume. >> perhaps. perhaps. i would not want to be sponge bob because he will get really fat soaking in that rain. now a look at live doppler hd: we have wide view giving a perspective of what is going on a lot of what you see, the radar is active and a lot of what you see is not making it to the
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ground. our rain is undercut by a dry layer near the surface. and along marin county coast at 101, it will lime up the mountains and weaken as it descends back to 101. expect light rain over the next, say, right now through the next 30 minutes and this band extends across the richmond-san rafael bridge south of 4 as you head to concord and to antioch and i don't see they the ground. you are where our official reporting stations are not so you can report. >> you can see at rohnert park on the expressway, a possibility of being wet. zooming out everything is
5:19 am
coming up from the southwest and we have a ton of moisture in the air, jut fought a lot of energy with this system. it will take the mountains naturally lifting this to create the rain this morning before the energy hooks up with it later in the mid-morning. winds are picking up and they are coming out of the south from 10-24 miles per hour and that will also increase as we head throughout the day. watch out on the east-west bridges. from mount tamalpais it is wet but right now it is not and you can see sutro bouncing around with the winds. windy today, scattered and light we showers tomorrow and another round is possible and thunder on sunday a better chance. you can see the heaviest rain is in the north bay until lunch and it moves through the heart of the bay and to the south bay as we head through the mid-afternoon hours and the secondary push in the evening commute until 11 o'clock. then it starts to scatter and tapers headed to tomorrow morning and a few scattered light showers headed into the
5:20 am
afternoon and evening hours and the secondary batch of heavy rain comes in on sunday morning into the afternoon. we will get 1-3" of rain in most neighborhoods and 1-2" in the south bay and maybe 2-4" in san francisco and 5" in the north bay and our mountains 6-10"s. monday afternoon it is over. >> we have tracked this accident using exclusive waze app westbound 205 at park sway, this is a major accident blocking one or two lanes. we have wazers that are watching the delays and you will find clear conditions when you pass it with slowing making it from the the altamont pass. you can download traffic information on apple app and google play. in pinole another accident
5:21 am
involving a deer eastbound 80 at richmond parkway blocking a lane and the accident is pushed to the showers and storms. we are not seeing delays. as you condition the westbound direction into albany toward berkeley we have a big area of rain. we will find out if it has made it to the ground. if you are taking 80 albany to the maze it is four members -- minutes. >> proof that customer service really does make a difference. the heart warming story behind this picture that has gone viral. >> as you get your wet day interest gear keep on top of weather and traffic through the commercial break with abc7 news now and you can see the flag whipping about. clear bulldog: what's this? mattress discounters presidents day sale ending? but mattress discounters has the largest selection of memory foam mattresses under one roof! comforpedic... icomfort... posturepedic hybrid...
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>> we are start with the storm at live doppler hd showing light-to-moderate rain moving into marin county and the rest of us have light rain to sprinkles. going to be another round on sunday with the first of the storm here. >> traffic is not affected. a look at berkeley, a friday light commute and a few extra headlights pushing to the maze. so far the accidents are mostly contained to tracy with several vehicles tangled up blocking one lane. >> three many north bay residents are stalking up on sandbags. people in low-lying areas are especially concerned and many were hit hard in december storms. >> a 3.1 earthquake rattles the peninsula and shook immoralled hills at 3:44 with no report of injuries but we hear from people with say they hat patio furniture knock over and others
5:25 am
say it felt like a truck hit the house. >> c.h.p. is investigating a deadly crash involving a wrong-way driver on interstate 880 in fremont. a woman in a small car headed in the wrong direction at 12:30 is she crashed into a truck much the woman died. three other people want to the hospital. >> six those closed to bobbi kristina brown hold out hope this morning that the 21-year-old will survive. her family issued a statement saying she is not brain dead and that reports that were gathering to say goodbye are false. the family has been there since she was first hospitalized last saturday. >> a until until man is suing the state lottery after being told the winning ticket was a misprint with a small mark seen and it is worth 500,000 and they refusing to pay up. state officials say no, it isn't. >> speaking of customer service a case of exceptional customer service is going viral. >> incoming in teen on the way
5:26 am
to his first job interview stopped at a target looking for clip on ties and the store did not carry on clip ons but an employee see how nervous he was offered to tie a real one on. another customer noticed the gesture and snapped this picture and it did not step there. the employees prepared him for the interview. >> make sure you look in the eye. give a stern handshake and showed him and he stucked his shirt in, tied the shoes. >> the employees followed up with the manager and they never got the teen's name but wanted to let his potential employer know what a nice kid he was. >> that is how you pay it forward. >> we hope he got that job and many more great jobs in the future with a real tie. >> we come back with another full 90 minutes of news including the manhunt happening now for a federal fugitive with a daring escape from custody he
5:27 am
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good friday morning at 5:29. day of the storm. thanks for joining us. leyla gulen is alongside checking with the traffic. we check out the storm with mike. >> we will look at live doppler hd. you can see our best radar return is over marin county are we have yellow and that is most likely reaching the ground and a lot of this is not. we have bone dry air around 4,000' turning our rain interest
5:30 am
virga and near are seeing the best chance headed to the north so novato is in your neighborhood at three minutes and petaluma is 12 and sonoma is 12. in san rafael it is dry on 101 and a few sprinkles over that. the day planner shows an increase in the intensity of the rain and the wind all the way from 10:00 to 4:00 and it will be scattered nature in the evening festivities. >> it could be a difficult commute today but how about right now? >> i checked out the east bay and it is moving along fine. >> the toll plaza is not so hot right now. you can see a continue of traffic and it is building collecting on the last hand side and the right hand said is where you want to be and fast track is move without any problems and we have an accident not here in san jose and that is a clear drive
5:31 am
where the act is in tracy westbound 205 and i have the stats. unexpected early morning backup for some folk on the peninsula. >> the redwood city area 3.1 earthquake shook the emerald hills area of redwood city at 3:44 centered along farm hill boulevard off 280 and in reports of any damage or injuries but we can see from the usgs people felt the shaking. a tweet from brendon "yep, patio furniture knock over earthquake redwood city." no damage. just a couple of things knocked over. a couple of others saying heart still racing and another says "felt stronger than 4.5."
5:32 am
"for rolling with this one." >> we are watching the storm. it could be light. the rain is falling in the north bay. some residents have serious flooding conditions. amy hollyfield is in healdsburg with the latest. now you have your hood on, amy? >> we came here to sonoma because this is where it is supposed to get hit hard and we are having sprinkles right now here in healdsburg. you can see a good look with the lights at this intersection of the rain coming down and it is a slight sprinkle but the roads are wet so it is starting to hit, nothing too hard yet but just a matter of "if," not "when." we know people are prepared. they have had a lost warning and we have watched them do their storm preparation the last few days. here is video of people getting rid of trees or trimming them back with concerns they might fall because the wins are supposed to be picking up
5:33 am
through the day. a last trees have been weakened by the drought so the advice was to get rid of them if you could before the wind took care of them for you. >> if you know you have a real diseased tree or a giant tree that is recommended for removal maybe vacate the house until the winds die down. >> our focus has been sandbags and we saw people in santa rosa packing them up and taking them home or to their businesses in marin county and trying to get those stacked right outside their home or the businesses to try to keep the water out especially if the low lying areas. this storm is not expected to create massive flooding in unexpected places but the low lying spots will see flooding. people are aware and they are prepared. the rain is starting to fall here in healdsburg and we will be here through the morning to monitor it. >> in the south bay this is
5:34 am
concern about a repeat of damage from the december downpour with the safeway store in san jose remaining closed after the roof caved in. the pet shell had a roof leak that now is patched with buckets and pans and tarps are ready if it leaks. if san francisco people living or working in flood-prone folsom street are trying to make sure they do not have the same headaches. businesses have stocked up on sandbags are preparing from the december flood. owners are stacking sandbags higher than usual to keep the water out. city crews have been clearing out dirt and grim and sewage lines. the flooding was worse by a backed up storm drain. >> can you track the storm where you live with live doppler 7 hd on the weather app. it is free. you can attention it on the apple app store or google play with more information at >> breaking news from fremont the c.h.p. is investigating a fail accident involving a wrong
5:35 am
way driver on 880 at 12:30 this morning. investigators say the driver was going northbound in the southbound lane when she crash head on into a truck. the car burst into flames and the truck was split in half. three people in truck were taken to the hospital in serious condition. the wrong-way driver died at the scene. >> if san francisco police are investigating an accident involving muni. a pedestrian was hit on market near 5th after 10:00 last night. police say the man was pin by the light rain vehicle and had toen extricated and staken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. >> federal nationals are hunting for a fugitive who pulled off an escape from the federal courthouse in san francisco. 51-year-old luke plug -- burgnara was given a three hour furlough to met with a
5:36 am
street clothes. this was highly inbound. he was if custody related to art fraud to the tune of $11 million. >> a man would already did time for sexually assaulted a girl in a store is accused of committing the same exact crime. detectives picked up convicted sex offender carlyle villazon on wednesday. they are sure he is the man in surveillance video taken from the 99 cent only store in hayward on sunday. around eight-year-old said a man put his imagines around her pants and his g.p.s. ankle bracelet put him in the store with a video we have from the store and with other things we are working on, we are confident it is him. >> carlyle villazon was wearing an ankle bracelet for a similar attack in 2010 after putting his hands down an 8-year-old girl's pans in wal-mart when she was in
5:37 am
the toy aisle and served 44 months for the crime. >> new details about what may have caused the dramatic transasia airway crash in taiwan. the right engine lost power and the pilot turned off the other engine in hopes of restarting both engines before the plane crashed. the mayor of taipei calls the pilots heroes for doing everything they could to save the doomed plane. deliberately steering it away from buildings in the final moments' the crash. the bodies of the pilot and co-pilot were still clutching controls in the cockpit. the death 20 has risen to 35 after divers pulled four more bodies from a river. the search continues for eight more missing the 15 people survived. >> cyber detectives say initial leads pitch to chinese government hackers as the source of the attack on insurance provide anthem. it compromised social security numbers and other personal information for 80 million customers and employees. anthem sells insurance plans
5:38 am
from blue blue -- blue cross-blue shield and could be part of a campaign to gather health information on a select group of defense contractors, government officials and others who may have access to sensitive information. >> mike is watching live doppler hd. what do you think, mike? i see rain where amy is, light to dark friend showing healdsburg avenue where it intersects powell street and light rain and moderate rain around sunnyvale drive into the higher elevations toward the east. our best radar return is around 121 and 37 and that heads back to around d street and bodega avenue on the southwest side of petaluma so petaluma is about to get heavy shower near marshall and headed along petaluma and marshall road we see a better radar return. now, we will widen out the picture with radar runs across the heart of the bay but that is
5:39 am
not making the ground because of the dry punch of air at 4000'. the weather window in san rafael, you can see the drop on the cameras and the road getting wet. a quick-changing drive for you now the wet weather is there. this afternoon we will have 58 to 62 at the coast. we will be 60 to 67 inland and temperatures are a minor detail of the forecast notice how the rain is going sideways. yes, from 10:00 to 4:00 or 6:00, those are the fastest it is try and we have san bruno mountains in the distance. the three day forecast has tell temperatures in the mid-to-upper 60's through monday and tomorrow we have scattered lighter showers and the second punch comes in and it will almost be windy and wet as this system
5:40 am
today and in fact you can see the thunder with what and the showers will taper as we head through monday morning. not in your neighbor yet but it is still coming through the mid-morning and mid-afternoon. how is the friday commute? >> i saw cars passing by the camera on the tom -- toll plaza so the rain is moving to the ground or on to the ground. we do have a car fire, big rig fire at the san mateo bridge with traffic moving nicely as you make it across the water and a few extra tail lights from hayward to foster city to get to the peninsula and it will only take you 9-10 minutes. interest fremont, we have a big-rig fire southbound 680 flames coming from behind at mission boulevard south and we had delays. be aware of the trouble. we are dealing with a multiple vehicle crash in tracy with the details in the next report.
5:41 am
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covering walnut creek, burlingame campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. good friday or. we have the storm that is starting to hit the bay area now at 5:43 and this is a shot of 101 in the san rafael area and you can see a couple of drops. not too much yet.
5:44 am
but a little bit would be enough to slow down your commute. we check with meteorologist mike nicco and leyla in a moment. >> the latest jobs report was released minutes ago and the labor department announced unemployment rate for john increased slightly to 5.7 percent up .1 percent from december. employers added 257,000 jobs in january the 12th straight month job growth was above 200,000. we will see how wall street is reacting to the report after 6:30. >> tekkies and protesters filled the street near san francisco city hall rallied outside the 8th annual award show chanting displeasure with the impact tech companies have in the bay area. the group rallied against car service companies uber and lyft and take issue with the business practices of the ride sharing services and the effect they have had on the tax industry.
5:45 am
best security company was nameed best enterprise and in was an award for the of the riding start-up and crunchys are voted on by ordinary users through the website the. >> compton has released a 9-1-1 call made by a witness after suge knight murdered a man. >> this car ran over two guys. there was fighting and he just pulled back and run 'em over. two guys are laying down. >> 49-year-old knight has pleaded not guilty to murder attempted murder and hit-and-run charges for running over two men, killing one and badly injuries ago after an argument. if convicted he could face life in prison. a new $2 million wireless system will be installed near levi stadium in time for super bowl 50. the city is partnering with the technical company to alleviate
5:46 am
phone and beat congestion and will mount 40 antennas near the stadium. some fans have experienced incomplete or dropped calls and limited internet data because of high demand on game days. cell phone carriers will pay fees to silicon valley power and the utility will use that money to pay off the costs. work is slated to begin in the summer. >> how embarrassing could have football in silicon valley without high-tech gear working. >> what if there is "the cap," at the super bowl and you want to tweet it to your friends. >> this morning mike, i was thinking of the football plans. will they be canceled? depends on the field because some feels have turf and they can handle the rain. as far as rain, it will be heaviest today and sunday. saturday is the lightest.
5:47 am
live doppler hd shows an weather and better radar returns from point reyes back to benicia headed up to the north and right now the heavier rain is to the south of rohnert park between this and petaluma between sonoma and eldridge and between napa and yountville. we have some near vallejo stretching into solano county and a few radar returns in the east bay but not making it to the drown because of the dry air. it is super dry. the humidity level on mount diabolo is only 40 percent right now. that is why we see a lot of it evaporate. up 101 into santa rosa, you are going to see another increase in the rain intensity for some sprinkle to drizzle to light rain in the nbc 15 minutes. winds are picking up at the coast at 26 and sfo is 15 and
5:48 am
san carlos is 17 and ten at oakland and hayward and san jose and those are also going to pick up as we head to the afternoon hours. san jose is 87 near shark tank and you are light okay, everything is happening in the north by as expected. we will be fine. you are through the morning commute but in the evening you get the wet weeks ago. the rain is falling in san rafael 101, looking southbound, and windy and rain heavy at times and lighter showers tomorrow and the second round on sunday with thunder possible and more likely then. at 7:00, still the best chance of rain in the north bay and by noon around lunch you can see the light-to-moderate rain moving influence the heart of the bay and down to the south bay between 3:00 and 5:00 and then we will have scattered heavy rain through the evening hours and that will take taper after midnight through tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon, scattered showers and we will see a big uptick in the rain through sunday morning and the
5:49 am
early afternoon hours and it will start to taper by monday morning. rainfall amounts still looking at 1-3 in the industrial bay and 1-2 in the south bay and 2-4 in the north bay. winds could gust up to 40 to 50 miles per hour and right now all the way through 4:00 tomorrow morning. >> we are taking you into richmond-san rafael the toll plaza had drops and we do have high winds and we are hearing when you cross over the bridge at sir francis drake a tree has taken wires down with it and we will find more information on that and we saw drop let on the camera lens and as we look from emeryville camera to the eastern span of the bay bridge c.h.p. has continually issued a high wind a advisory for the bridge into san francisco and we have more traffic purring to treasure island. if you drive anything high-sided, be careful. we have injury act in tracy westbound side of 205, still one
5:50 am
lane is blocked and it is an injury crash and it will take a little bit of time to clear and we see the backups and slow-and-go headed through the altamont pass. swinging in to fremont southbound 680 at mission boulevard south we have a big-rig fire and it could be under criminal but -- under control but it could call delays. >> scientists discover another h benefit to coffee where a type of cancer it could fight in women. >> he is not walking 20 miles to work in the snow the new ride a michigan man is cruising in, because of thousands of people across the country. >> at 6:00, who may benefit from radio shack's bankruptcy? they are ready to close cars. >> you can see the embarcardero in san francisco looking at the bay: no rain reported here but certainly it is north of us in the north bay area and live doppler hd will help you track
5:51 am
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>> this is the north bay healdsburg you can see the road is wet. you can see the wipers are on. amy hollyfield is if that area and is telling us more about what is going on with the rain moving through. >> san francisco exploritorium camera checking out the transamerica building in the financial district with only clouds and not getting wet but clear enough you can see the top of the transamerica but that will soon change. we with like to see the weather where you live send us your
5:54 am
weather photos and video at and you can post them on our facebook page or share them with us on twitter at twitter@. ladies another reason to grab another cup of coffee. women who drink three cups of coffee or more a day may lower their risk for uterine canner with 18 percent lower risk compared to women who drink only one cup a day. this is an association, not causal, the trigger could be something else not necessarily the coffee. the study is in the journal of cancer prevention. >> america city police are looking for two men whose joy ride in a stolen car was caught on camera. you can see them walk up to the car last running while the owner got out. seconds later the suspects take off hitting a woman in a crosswalk and another car. the theives ditch the car a few
5:55 am
blocks away and the pedestrian was not badly hurt and the owner of the car says he will never get out of his car and look it running again. >> meteorologist mike nicco is tracking the latest storm movement. >> trying to go street level when we can but we go street level at at&t park on saturday 10:00 to 3:00 fanfest with light showers is the better day for outdoor activity because sunday is going to be a wash out. watch out if you go to a's fanfest from 10-4:00, rain north of 80 and far north but it will slide across 80 headed into the afternoon make it as far south as fresno by later in the evening. as far as the seven-day forecast look how high the snow levels are going to be in lake tahoe. >> we will start you off by look at the altamont pass where we did have the one accident but we also have this a big-rig fire,
5:56 am
southbound 680 at mission boulevard south, the drive over the altamont pass is light and we have 28 minutes to get you from tracy to dublin and highway 4, westbound antioch on concord is continue minutes and from marin, breezy, san rafael to san francisco is 17 minutes. >> after years of huffing and puffing, logging 21 miles by foot to get to and from work a detroit man can breath a sigh of relief. >> he is getting a car, a shiny red 2015 ford taurus and a new nickname tonight. robertson is the "person of the week," on "world news tonight," and a college student raised hundreds of thousands on his behalf and the man who discovered the story. you can watch "world news," ton at 5:30 right here. new at 6:00 police take a california dad into custody but
5:57 am
the children are left behind. the desperate search to bring the two children to safety. >> new details on the dancing sharks that stole the spotlight at the half time show and one is now at the center of a legal controversy. >> a look outside at the bay bridge toll plaza with traffic stacking up and it is not even raping there yet. st
5:58 am
5:59 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. at 6:00, a wet friday here in the bay area and you are looking at live doppler hd and it is tracking the first of two storms hitting us this weekend and meteorologist mike nicco is seconds away with the hour-by-hour forecast. >> did you feel it an earthquake rattles the minutes
6:00 am
-- peninsula. >> the san francisco archbishop is on the defense with a controversy at some bay area catholic schools. thanks for joining us on this busy day. >> i am christian. >> i am eric thomas with leyla gulen and meteorologist mike nicco. >> in the north bay it is wet. here is a look at live doppler hd you can see from santa rosa to vacaville and arcing leaving rohnert park, glen ellen and napa and more is on the way. santa rosa and st. helena getting the brunt of the light to moderate showers and santa rosa avenue and down to stony point road and through san rafael you can see the showers have let up, 101 is still wet. our day planner 12 hour day planner shows the rain will pick up at 10:00 all the way through 7:00 and so will th


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